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Specialist Property Insurance

When you own valuable assets it’s crucial that you protect them. Buildings are no exception. You need insurance to protect against the unexpected. As a commercial landlord your tenants rely on the use of your premises to run their business.

When choosing your commercial landlord insurance policy you are able to determine the level of cover that is right for you, which could include:

  • Material and Contents Cover
  • Loss of Rent Protection
  • Employers’ and Public Liability
  • Legal Expense

In the table below you can read more about the range of benefits our insurance partners can offer:

Protect Your Commercial Property portfolio

Letting commercial properties requires dedication, excellent people-skills and more often than not a considerable financial investment.

This is why it’s important that your commercial properties are covered with policies specifically designed to help commercial landlords protect their businesses whether they let offices, shops, warehouses or any other type of property. If you have exceptional circumstances we can still help you – We have specialist underwriting teams on hand that cater for the most niche properties thinkable!

Here at Moneycornershop.com we work with some of the biggest and most reputable insurance providers in the world to help our commercial landlord customers ensure their properties and investments are protected.

Unoccupied Properties Cover

Unoccupied properties are much more susceptible to break-ins, petty crime, squatting etc. This being so, insurers generally exclude unoccupied properties from their policies as standard.

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If the property is temporarily unoccupied during a changeover of tenants or a renovation a certain amount of time (usually around 30 days) is allowed before you should convert your landlord’s insurance to an unoccupied property policy.

Ensure You Get The Full Cover Required For Your Commercial Property Policies

This is one of the most important features of commercial property insurance. It exists to cover the costs for repairing damage or rebuilding. You must be insured for the full cost of what it would be to rebuild your property should it be destroyed. Being under insured (meaning you state the full re-build cost as less than it really is) could be catastrophic should something happen which would mean you need to claim for the full amount.

Most insurers have a ‘condition of average clause’. This means if you give a sum insured for building/contents which is not enough, they can reduce the claim by the percentage that you’re under insured. For example – insure for £100,000, but should be £200,000, and claim for £50,000. You could end up being able to claim only for 25k (minus 50% of the difference).

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What Do You Really Need To Consider?

Whether you’re looking to protect the bricks and mortar or have belongings inside that need covering as well, your commercial landlord insurance policy can be tailored to your requirements so you only pay for the cover you need. As part of your commercial landlord insurance you should also think about insurance for any contents in communal areas. You never know what’s around the corner so you need to make sure your property is protected against the unexpected.

Property Owner’s Liability

Property owners’ liability insurance provides financial protection against large compensation claims if someone is injured at your premises as a result of your negligence. Accidents happen when you least expect, and this cover can protect you against accidental damage to third party property too. For instance, if a roof tile fell and landed on a car below, you could be liable to cover the costs. Taking out property owners’ liability cover as part of your commercial landlord insurance policy can cover your liability if something goes wrong. Employers’ liability cover should also be considered if you employ anyone to maintain the building or grounds for you.

Loss Of Rent Insurance For Your Commercial Property

Loss of rent cover is an important part of your insurance that can protect your income in the event of damage at your commercial property which may result from an insured event. This means that if you have a fire or flood that renders the building uninhabitable, loss of rent cover can continue to pay you rental income while the building is reinstated meaning you shouldn’t be out of pocket.

What Is Included In A Property Policy?

  • Landlords Contents
  • Alternative Accommodation
  • All Risks Building Cover
  • Legal Expenses and Business Interruption
  • Cover against fire, floods, and weather damage
  • Equipment, technology failure, water, electrics and heating
  • Covers costs from theft, such as contents and damages
  • Cover loss of rent/lost income due to damage or repair.
  • Employers and Public Liability (if needed)

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