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Business Insurance For Shopkeepers

As a busy retailer, it’s important to have the right insurance in place. That way, if things go wrong, you’ll be covered and can keep trading. Retailers all across the UK are covered by our shopkeeper insurance – from small family-run stores to multi-chain companies.

Whether you sell cupcakes or coffee machines, our all-in-one package protects your business for everything from loss of property to employers’ liabilityWe all know that accidents happen, Lets get peace of mind that your are covered correctly and competitively going forward.

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Public Liability – As the owner you are responsible for making your shop as risk free as possible but accidents can still happen. Public liability insurance will cover loss, damage or injury to a third party on your premises. For example – if a customer were to trip on a ladder left out after reaching a high shelf and injure themselves, your public liability cover could pay out if a law suit were to arise.

Shop Buildings Insurance – If you rent the property the buildings cover should be held and paid for by the property owner.

The Rebuild Cost – Should the worst happen and your property becomes damaged or is destroyed your building insurance will cover you to repair or rebuild. The rebuild cost is the amount you should insure for in case you need to completely re-build from the ground up. This cost should be detailed in the deeds of the building but can also be obtained from a surveyor

Business Interruption – Business interruption insurance pays the outgoings such as overheads, wages or increased cost of working expenses if something happens that stops your business trading. If buildings and contents insurance cover your assets, business interruption is the life support that sees you through while those things are being fixed or replaced.

Shop Contents Insurance – Anything permanently fixed in your building is covered in with the building insurance. As a general rule, anything that isn’t fixed down in the building needs to be included in your contents insurance. For further information speak to your insurance adviser. If you rent the property your landlord should have their own policy covering the contents that belong to them and you will typically need a policy to cover the contents belonging to you and your business

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Moneycornershop.com is a proud member of the Purple Partnership – Who have been voted the Best Broker Network in the UK – 3 times in the last 4 years – Which means many insurers provide exclusive deals for us, with competitive pricing and enhanced policy cover.

Moneycornershop.com has been working with small-and medium-sized enterprises all across the UK, so we understand that each individual business has its own unique risks and challenges. Our knowledgeable customer service team has the skills and expertise to put together a flexible policy that fits your specific requirements, and has the ability to develop and grow along with your business. When this is combined with the great service our team provides, you can see why people choose to let us arrange their insurance.

We have over 50 years collective experience and relationships with underwriting specialists which have the capacity and understanding of the industry to write and place any risk.


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Employers Liability Do You Need It?

The insurance you need will depend on your specific type of business and the individual risks it faces, but these are popular covers for tradesmen:

  • Employers Liability: If you have employees, contractors, casual workers or temporary staff, you’re usually required by law to take out employers’ liability insurance. It’ll cover claims from employees who’ve been injured or become seriously ill as a result of working for you.
  • As with any type of insurance, the cost of premiums may vary quite widely from one insurer to another. Here, our aim is to help you obtain the insurance cover you need at a competitive rate that represents good value for money.
  • The price of premiums is influenced by a number of factors, including:
  • The number of people you employ
  • The particular nature of your business
  • Your past insurance claims history

To comply with the law, employers’ liability insurance needs to cover:

  • Every permanent employee
  • Seasonal, casual and contract employees
  • Labour-only subcontractors
  • Trainees and employees who are on apprenticeships

Don’t forget how important Employers Liability is!

January 2016 saw a takeaway shop getting fined £2,000, with costs of £2,360, for failure to produce an ELCI (Employers Liability Compulsory Insurance) certificate. The Company was prosecuted and found guilty of an  offence under Section 4(2)(b) of the Employers Liability Compulsory Insurance Act 1969.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance usually comes up first when it comes to tradesmen insurance, this cover can protect you if you’re sued because someone is injured or their property is damaged.

Moneycornershop has the capacity to offer between £1 million and £25 million in cover, to protect you against legal fees and compensation costs.

You can include business buildings cover to protect your business premises, including fixtures and fittings.

  • You can also include plant and machinery insurance, which can provide protection for plant and machinery, whether you own it or hire it.​
  • Personal accident insurance covers you against serious injury, or even death – paying out for the likes of lost income and medical costs.
  • You can include business buildings cover to protect your business premises, including fixtures and fittings.
  • Business equipment insurance to cover your business contents and office equipment.
  • Business legal protection insurance can cover your commercial legal expenses and the cost of legal action.

Are You Trying To Raise Finance For Your Business?

Anyone who owns a business can apply for business finance, but you must remember that with some products, such as business loans, it may be difficult to get accepted in the current uncertain climate. As a general rule, those businesses with the cleanest credit record have the best chance of getting accepted – and of getting the best rates.

What Type Of Shopkeeper Are You?

We provide tailored insurance for most types of shops, such as:

  • Newsagents
  • Off licenses
  • Perfume Retailers
  • Kitchen Accessories Retailers
  • Furniture Retailers

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