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Religious Property Insurance Policies

Unfortunately Religious Building are often open to theft, vandalism or accidental damage, and you as the trustee would want to make sure your Religious Building is insured against this. Would you be able to continue with normal services should the unforeseen happen? Would you be able to afford the costs occurred during this incident for the Religious Building?

If the Religious Building suffers due to a fire or structural damage, you could be losing out on fundraised monies or income earned by conducting events for visitors and the community. Religious Building Insurance can be tailored to protect the Religious Building, trustees, volunteers, congregation & visitors.

Protect your Religious Property Portfolio

With the following covers available from our Panel of Insurers.

  • Property Damage
  • Money & Assault Cover
  • Terrorism & Theft
  • Computer & Electronic Equipment
  • Contract Works & Engineering
  • Trustee Liability & Employee Dishonesty
  • Public Liability & Employer’s Liability
  • Business Interruption & Book Debts
  • Professional Indemnity & Legal Protection
  • Bequeathed Property & Pastoral Care
  • Third Party Hirers Indemnity & Fundraising events /activities included
  • Multiple properties insured under one package, even if they not used for the same purpose.

We have extensive experience in arranging Places of Worship and Religious Buildings insurance, while taking into account all cultural and community needs along with faith requirements.

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Compare Commercial Property Policies from our Panel of Insurers

Here at Moneycornershop.com we work with some of the biggest and most reputable insurance providers in the world to help our commercial landlord customers ensure their properties and investments are protected. We use A+ Rated Insurers to secure your Religious Building Insurance

Having the right insurance covers in place is essential to protecting your place of worship and safeguarding its future.

We understand that many are volunteer-led, community-based religious buildings home to a wide range of activities that benefit the community, however all across the UK, places of worship are seeing an increased exposure to risks and the growing possibility of claims being made.

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What Do Your Really Need To Consider?

Whether you’re looking to protect the bricks and mortar or have belongings inside that need covering as well, your insurance policy can be tailored to your requirements so you only pay for the cover you need. As part of your insurance you should also think about insurance for any contents in communal areas. You never know what’s around the corner so you need to make sure your property is protected against the unexpected.

Property Owner’s Liability

Property owners’ liability insurance provides financial protection against large compensation claims if someone is injured at your premises as a result of your negligence. Accidents happen when you least expect, and this cover can protect you against accidental damage to third party property too. For instance, if a roof tile fell and landed on a car below, you could be liable to cover the costs. Taking out property owners’ liability cover as part of your commercial landlord insurance policy can cover your liability if something goes wrong. Employers’ liability cover should also be considered if you employ anyone to maintain the building or grounds for you.

What Is Included In A Property Policy?

  • Landlords Contents
  • Alternative Accommodation
  • All Risks Building Cover
  • Legal Expenses and Business Interruption
  • Cover against fire, floods, and weather damage
  • Equipment, technology failure, water, electrics and heating
  • Covers costs from theft, such as contents and damages
  • Cover loss of rent/lost income due to damage or repair.
  • Employers and Public Liability (if needed)

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