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We combine our unique, international and strategic approach to M&A with in-depth market knowledge and business intelligence to target and uncover UK and international prospects to drive your business growth ambitions.

Strategic M&A That Drives Business Growth

We guide businesses towards profitable growth with a proven methodology that has been developed to respond to the growing complexity in mergers and acquisitions. Our unique approach addresses the four corners of strategic M&A thinking: synergy between businesses, economies of scale created by merger or acquisition, effect on shareholder value and potential business disruption.

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Underpinning this approach is a team with extensive international M&A experience, in-depth market knowledge and business intelligence, and the creativity to identify and unlock hidden opportunities and structure the optimum deal. Supported by an extensive network in both the equity and lending communities, our team can also help to find the best corporate finance options for a specific deal.

People choose to work with us because we are surprisingly refreshing in what business we can do and how we conduct our business


Why Apply For M&A With Us?

  • Target and engage compatible prospects
  • Optimize deals and post transaction integration

The Benefits Of M&A

  • In depth sector and market research
  • Extensive reach within equity and lending networks