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Business Insurance For Fast Food Franchise

Restaurant franchise insurance protects franchise owners against lawsuits, property damages, and other risks specific to the food industry such as:

  • Equipment malfunction
  • Third party general liability claims and lawsuits
  • Loss of inventory or food spoilage

Don’t let a lawsuit or other mishap drain your financial resources. Choose the best restaurant franchise insurance coverage today with Moneycornershop.com
We all know that accidents happen, Lets get peace of mind that your are covered correctly and competitively going forward.

Do You Have Enough On Your Plate Already?

We understand franchisees have enough on their plate, from understanding contracts and agreements and relevant legislation, to undergoing and/or providing any necessary training, through to day-to-day operations. You can’t be expected to juggle the familiarisation and understanding of business insurance terms with your many other pressing considerations.

Moneycornershop.com worked with a number of the world’s leading franchise insurers, we have identified insurance programs and solutions that feature significant cover benefits, discounted pricing and preferred service standards and claims response.

So whether you are buying a new franchise or seeking advice about the right insurance protection talking to Moneycornershop.com can save you time, money and heartache in the event something goes wrong.

Our Experience & Relationships

Moneycornershop.com is a proud member of the Purple Partnership – Who have been voted the Best Broker Network in the UK – 3 times in the last 4 years – Which means many insurers provide exclusive deals for us, with competitive pricing and enhanced policy cover. Moneycornershop.com has been working with small-and medium-sized enterprises all across the UK, so we understand that each individual business has its own unique risks and challenges. Our knowledgeable customer service team has the skills and expertise to put together a flexible policy that fits your specific requirements, and has the ability to develop and grow along with your business. When this is combined with the great service our team provides, you can see why people choose to let us arrange their insurance.

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Business Insurance
for Fast Food Franchises

A franchise operator with more than 200 fast-food restaurants had a serious problem: burn accidents were increasing in frequency and severity among employees.
Solving a Burning Issue Burns were by far the leading source of loss for this client. In addition, burns suffered while grilling and frying food accounted for 95% of the company’s incurred losses for this type of accident. Loss Control Recommendations Our Loss Control team conducted an extensive evaluation of cooking areas to identify opportunities for improvement in the cooking process, equipment, and employee training. Together with the policyholder, the team developed a list of ways to address the burns, including:

  • Changing storage for hot foods
  • Improving training on equipment use
  • Improving training on the safe handling of hot food
  • More education on the proper use of protective gear

As a franchisee, your franchisor may well stipulate what cover you must have in place as part of your contractual agreement with them. Requirements can be complex – but that’s where we can help. As brokers we can help you understand the requirements and do the research for you, before providing you with recommendations and quotes. Beyond any requirements stipulated, you will want to protect your business and its assets for its own sake. You’re running a business in its own right, and ensuring you have adequate protection for your people, stock, contents, tools and equipment as well as any other liabilities and assets should be a priority.

New Procedures Mean Big Results

New procedures were implemented across the organisation, and as a result, employee burns have decreased dramatically.
In addition, area managers now conduct periodic reviews of higher-risk operations that could result in burn accidents; these reports are then analysed at the corporate level to fuel additional improvements.

Franchise businesses are available in practically every imaginable business from house cleaning services to auto repairs and a wide range of other businesses including but not limited to:

• Retail Shops
• Hotels
• Motels
• Restaurants
• Coffee Shops
• Jewelry Shops
• Accounting Services
• ATMs
• Furniture Sales or Rentals

Franchise Business Insurance You Can Trust

Whether you’re about to embark on the franchise journey or are a well-established franchise, having a robust franchise insurance proposition in place is essential. Franchising your business model means opening your business up to other people, potentially putting the company and its reputation at risk. Despite this risk the rewards for successfully franchising can be phenomenal and a franchise insurance package can sit in the background protecting you and your franchisees.

We are proud to provide our customers with a panel of over 30 A-Rated Insurers to choose from for Commercial Property Policies.
Having a panel Global Insurers such as Allianz, Lloyds of London, Axa, Ageas, Liberty Mutual, Hiscox, NIG, QBE and RSA, means that we can provide you with the choice of covers and competitive premiums that you are after.

Minimise Costs For Franchisees By Group Purchasing Insurance

  • Insurance for franchisees, covered on the right basis
  • Comprehensive cover for employees, products/services, contents & stock etc
  • Potential for franchisors to earn additional income or subsidise franchisees
  • Experienced partners who insure major franchise brands

Our Panel can extend to include any of the following optional sections:

  • Employers’ Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Directors’, Trustees’ and Officers’ Liability
  • Group Contents
  • Group Contents anywhere in the United Kingdom
  • Group Money
  • Group Officials’ Personal Effects
  • Group Officials’ Personal Money
  • Deterioration of Refrigerated Stock
  • Buildings
  • Terrorism
  • Loss of Revenue
  • Personal Accident for Children at the Group
  • Personal Accident for Adults at the Group
  • Trustees’ and Officers’ Financial Liability
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Group Extra – Crisis Containment, Lottery Win Indemnity, Website Hacker Damage Cover

Does Your Franchise Need More Cover?

We provide tailored insurance policies for many other types , such as:

  • Directors & Officers Insurance
  • Commercial Motor/Fleet
  • Commercial Combined
  • Group Travel Insurance

Contact us today if you need any further covers or need to understand any more details.

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