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Mobile Catering Business Insurance

If you own a mobile catering business – whether you own a burger van, a market stall or a street food trailer, we have catering insurance policies that are adaptable to your requirements. Catering liability insurance can be added to your policy, designed to cover your trailer whether it’s permanently in the same location or constantly on the move. It will cover you for any potential damage to your trailer as well as its fixtures and contents. Protect yourself and your business equipment and supplies with a comprehensive mobile Catering Insurance policy from Mercury Insurance.

Catering Insurance Explained

The catering business is fast paced and high risk, which is why you need a specific Catering Insurance policy that fits the requirements of your business. Working in a restaurant or takeaway setting can mean the occasional incident, but having an insurance policy tailored to your business need is an effective way of preventing against loss. At Moneycornershop.com we have already provided insurance policies for countless businesses in the catering sector. From small cafés to fast food vans, and fleets of catering vehicles – our expert team can advise you on the Catering Insurance policy you When taking out your policy you can choose from three levels of cover.

Third Party Only will cover any third party damage or injury claims made against your business in the event of an accident. It is worth noting that your vehicles will not be covered at all and all own vehicle repairs would have to be made at your expense, but this type of cover is the cheapest of the three.

Third Party, Fire and Theft covers the same as Third Party Only but with added protection for your own vehicles for damage caused by fire or if they are stolen.

Comprehensive on the other hand is the most expensive level of cover, however it will protect your own vehicles against any damage suffered during an incident.

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As as a mobile caterer, you will require a specialist mobile catering van insurance policy. This specialist catering trailer insurance will not only cover your business use when travelling to different catering locations, but will also provide cover for your catering vehicle and permanent fixtures and fittings, meaning your equipment is fully covered too. Our specialist catering policies include full fire cover, which is particularly important if you have any hot food or electrical appliances on board. We have a dedicated team of Catering Specialists, who would love to hear from you. We can help tailor your Catering policy to your needs.
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Optional Covers To Protect Against Income Loss

Being a mobile caterer, losing income and clients may pose a serious threat to the sustainability of your business. We offer a range of optional covers to either prevent or mitigate this risk. These optional covers for mobile catering van insurance include: legal expenses cover and the supply of a replacement catering vehicle – allowing you to continue trading in the event of damages caused by an non-fault incident. You can also protect your business by choosing one of our additional covers, including: business equipment; business interruption; loss of stock and money; frozen foods cover; and catering legal expenses.

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Mobile Catering Liability Insurance

Our mobile catering policy covers you for damages and potentially expensive legal costs resulting from injury, disease or accidental damage. We offer public, product and employers’ liability insurance for up to £10 million each, allowing you to cater for the largest of events – such as music festivals – which comes with complimentary cover for loss of stock and money.

Protecting Your Future

We understand your catering vehicles are treasured possessions, and often investments on which your income is entrusted. For all the alterations and additions you’ve made, we’ll assess your requirements and look to find you the most suitable cover. This means that, as your business grows, you make changes, buy new vehicles or take on staff, your policy will adapt to suit your needs as you go along. Discuss them with one of our experts who can help you understand the risks and how to stay protected.

Finding adequate and cheap catering van insurance is easier said than done. That is exactly why we are here to help you so get in contact with us today!

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As well as the three cover levels you can also select the driving restrictions applied to them. You could have a Named Driver policy which will allow specific drivers named on the policy documents to drive specific vehicles. This is perfect if your drivers will only ever
need to drive specific vehicles.

Alternatively if you have a large number of drivers that may need to drive all of your vehicles, then you could benefit from an Any Driver policy, though this is usually more expensive as any driver within your business who holds a valid licence to drive the
vehicle can do so.
You may wish to consider setting an age limit so younger and less experienced drivers cannot be included. Similarly you may wish to avoid drivers with convictions. This type of policy is ideal for a busy company with multiple vehicles and many drivers such as a taxi firm, hauliers or a delivery company.

Here are a just a few of the different types of mobile catering vehicles and businesses we can cover:

  • Food Trailors
  • Ice Cream Vans
  • Burger Vans
  • Fish & Chip Vans
  • Mobile Pizza Vans
  • Coffee Vans
  • Street Food Experiences
  • Mobile Catering Business
  • Catering Liability Cover

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